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Gwynedd Council agrees Israel trade embargo

Published date: 12 October 2014 |
Published by: Tomos Hughes
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GWYNEDD Councillors have agreed not to conduct future trade with Israel in the wake of the recent conflict in the Gaza Strip.

In a full council meeting last week, councillor Owen Williams proposed a motion condemning Israel for the bombardment and ground invasion of the Palestinian territory.

He said: “Following the latest attacks by the Israeli State on the territory of Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, this council calls for the suspension of trading with Israel and condemns the over-reaction and savageness used.

“Furthermore, we confirm and underline this Council’s decision not to invest in Israel or that country’s establishments.

“We believe that if Gwynedd leads the way that there is hope that other councils in Wales and beyond will follow our example.”

Councillor Sian Gwenllian said: “We condemn terrorism but we also condemn the killing of innocent people.

“It’s very important that we here in Gwynedd look out at the world and seek to influence where we can.”

Councillors voted 42-3 in favour of the motion, with six abstentions.

June Marshall added: “I agree completely with what we’ve said that we should condemn terrorism.

“I have a major concern that many people considers Israel with Jewishness and there have been a spate of anti-semitic attacks on cemeteries.

“This is not an attack on the Jewish.” 

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