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Anglers left spooked by ghostly apparition at Ponciau Pool

Published date: 21 May 2015 |
Published by: Rory Sheehan
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THERE are spooky goings-on after the unexpected appearance of a ghostly apparition in a pond with a “grim past”.
Angler Wayne Foulkes was fishing at Ponciau Pool on May 9 when he landed one of the biggest carp in the water.
He was so pleased with his catch that he took a picture of the proud moment with the fish.
But when he looked back at the image he was shocked to see the appearance of a ‘face’ in an orange glow in the dark watery background.

Fisherman and villagers in Ponciau are at a loss as to how the face, which resembles a ghoulish orange goblin peeking over Mr Foulkes’ left shoulder, came to be there. 
But Mr Foulkes said many believe it really could be a spirit.
The 34-year-old said: ”It’s pretty scary isn’t it?
“There’s some history to the pool, a couple of people have passed away there, and its only adds to the story – people really believe it’s a spirit.”
He had been fishing all day before he caught the 16lb carp. 
But he had no one to take the photo, so called his friend and waited until the evening when he was available to take one.
Mr Foulkes said although he’s a sceptic about the paranormal, even he is starting to wonder what was the sinister cause .
He said: “I can’t explain it. It was taken on a top of the range Samsung camera, although there is a bungalow on the road nearby and the light is probably coming from there. 
“It’s not near the water so I don’t know how it would be reflected.
“My first thought was ‘what the hell’s that in the background?’
“My mate, who’s on holiday at the moment, was winding me up about it. Then my other half saw it and she’s really into all that paranormal stuff. 
“As soon as she saw it she stirred the hornets nest, started showing everyone and got the whole village talking.”
Residents in Ponciau have been exchanging theories, with some suggesting because it’s red it is a “good spirit”.
Others are saying it’s a bad omen.
Graham Thomas, who runs Ponciau Fishing Club, said word was spreading about the ghost and joked it was putting people off fishing there.
He said: “It really does look like a face, so I can see why the lad might have got a bit scared. A few people have said they won’t go there now.”
Ponciau councillor Paul Pemberton, who sent the picture to the Leader, said:
“There is definitely a face in the background – it has got eyes, a nose and teeth.
“Ponciau Pool has got a real history, a grim past, I know of a number of people who have died there, so it makes the photo more eerie.
“The guy in the picture had just caught one of the biggest carp in there, but when he’s seen what’s in the background on the photo, he’s been spooked.
“It has got to be an optical illusion with the trees in the background, but the first thing people say when they see the picture is ‘look at that face’.”
Mr Foulkes, head bailiff at the pool and responsible for checking anglers have the correct licences to fish there, said he was not afraid of going back to try and solve the mystery.
“I’ll definitely be going back when it’s dark,” he said.
“I just want to see what it is. There must be an explanation for it. 
“But I don’t mind it giving everyone something to talk about in the meantime.”
What do you think the image is?

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