Extra barn at egg farm plan up for debate at Wrexham Council


Jonathan Grieve

Controversial plans to double the size of an egg farm will be discussed at a crunch meeting.

Wrexham Council’s planning committee will decide whether to grant permission for the construction of an additional barn to house 15,700 birds at Talwrn Farm in Legacy.

One barn currently stands on the site, with planning permission for that development granted on appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

The overall number of birds on site as a result of the proposal would be 31,400.

The report due to go before the committee, which meets on Tuesday in the Guildhall at 4pm, recommends that the plans be approved.

Rhos Community Council, which is adjacent to the proposed site, objected to the development on the grounds that any new applications should be deferred until a full cycle of the existing barn has been completed and a report received.

Members also reiterated that as the barn was on the border of Rhos and Esclusham communities, and the highway past the site was very well used by Rhos residents, then the consultation should have included neighbouring communities.

Objections to the plans stated the unit would be visible from nearby residential properties, and therefore detrimental to the environment and surrounding landscape.

Fears the additional development would add to the intensity and consequently the noise and other forms of pollution associated with it were also raised.

It was said smell and dust would be detrimental to neighbours and would be dependent on weather conditions, while concerns over noise levels and danger to pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders from increased HGV traffic were also expressed.

The report due to go before the committee states: “The nature of the current proposal is the same as that previously allowed at appeal and seeks to intensify the use of the site.

“The views raised by the inspector in allowing the appeal remain valid and are a significant material consideration in the determination of this application.

”The principle of the use of the site for this purpose has been accepted and I therefore consider that the location element of policy EC3, requiring agricultural buildings to be closely linked to an existing farmstead, would be met.

“The main issue to consider is whether the additional built development and intensification of the use for this purpose would have a detrimental impact upon the amenity of the surrounding occupiers or the wider environmental character.

“An odour report has been presented with the application which confirms that the additional unit will not raise odour levels to a point where they would not conform to accepted standards in relation to impact upon neighbouring residential amenity.

“The inspector noted in her decision that the site is located in the open countryside where similar smells could result from existing agricultural practices.

“The infrequent occurrences that may occur as a result of this proposal (such as clean-out time every 52 weeks) are therefore similarly unlikely to be detrimental.

“The proposal is not considered to result in any further noise impact. Conditions can be re-imposed as a ‘belts and braces’ approach to ensure that the noise levels emitted by air handling equipment do not go beyond an industry standard level when measured from nearby residential properties.

“Noise from birds within the building does not occur due to the design of the building. I am satisfied that the applicant can address issues of vermin and fly nuisance.

“The proposed development will be required to accord with modern animal welfare standards and I have no reason to believe that nuisance from vermin will be increased beyond the development which currently has consent.

“I am satisfied that the nature of the additional built development associated with the accepted use of the site for the housing of barn laying chickens is acceptable.

“The building will be located adjacent to an existing building and would satisfactorily sit within the existing landscape. The additional traffic movements will be minimal.”

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