A case of 'sink or swim' for former Holyhead councillor trapped in bath for three days


Arron Evans

A former Holyhead Town Councillor says that he learnt a valuable life lesson after finding himself “trapped” in a bathtub for three days.

84-year-old John Knox-Crawford endured the unusual experience at his home on Cambria Street in mid-August.

He says that he had to choose between “sinking or swimming” whilst he lay flat on his back.

He explained that during the ordeal, he had fallen asleep at some point and eventually, it was the sound of the dustbinmen outside that had awoken him.

At this point, he decided it was high time to do something about the situation in order to rescue himself.

He managed to grab hold of three towels, tied them together and lassooed them around a towel rail before managing to pull himself upright and slowly to his feet.

Mr Knox-Crawford, who was a Councillor in the Town of Holyhead for 13 years and retired in May, explained: “it must be the silly season this time of year as things seem to go wrong often.

“My bathtub incident was indeed an extraordinary one and one that I hope I never have to go through again.

“I suffer greatly with the bones in my feet and that is why I became stuck there for so long. In the end, I decided that I had two choices, to either drown right there and then or think of a plot to free myself.

“Thankfully it was the latter in this case and I am still here to tell the tale today.”

Although he sees the funny side to the event now, Mr Knox-Crawford explained that he was initially “distraught” about it and it was only after a trip to France to see his daughter that he felt better about the situation.

He says that he was wearing a wristband in the bath that is designed to send out a signal for help if he is in danger, but due to the water surrounding him, he was unable to use it in this particular instance.

“The device was useless in the water, just like a mobile phone would have been.” he said.

“I have learnt a valuable lesson during this experience and I certainly have no plans to ever be in that situation again!”



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