Watch terrifying moment drug addict brandishes blood-filled syringe at Wrexham shop staff


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A man who robbed a store by brandishing a blood-filled syringe at staff has been jailed.

Drug addict Mervyn Graham Hardy was told by a crown court judge that it was a planned robbery with “a sick weapon”.

Hardy went to the Maplin’s electrical store at Island Green in Wrexham and took a £599 CCTV system.

When staff intervened, he produced a syringe, said to be filled with blood and water, and brandished it at staff.

Mold Crown Court heard how they recoiled in horror and let him go.

Yesterday he was jailed for four years and three months after he admitted robbery on April 30 and possessing the syringe as an offensive weapon.

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    17:05, 31 August 2017

    Werexham again. It's one of the worse place to live in Great Britain. Full of druggies pheados alchies tramsp and inbreds.



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